First of all we have a reply to a letter sent by Dominic Lawson regarding the season ticket fiasco. Have a peek here..

A big thanks also to everyon who voted in the latest questionnaire. A new one will be appearing shortly.

Also, due to a technical problem, the place where I keep my mailing list in work is gone, or rather wiped. So I would be eternally grateful if you would fill in your email address below and click a button so that it doesn't happen again.
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OK, big apologies for a lack of an update but I have been away on holiday for the past while and am still trying to catch up on events that I have missed.

I suppose you all want to know the latest about Investors in Everton. Unfortunately, interested parties have asked us to respect their wishes for full confidentiality, so all I can tell you is that talks are continuing.

I understand how frustrating this all is (knowing what it is like to be drip fed information) but you will have to bear with us. Thank you to all for your continued support.

We have also recieved replies to 2 letters and they will be up within the next couple of days (hopefully tommorrow)

One last thing before I finish. Phil Pellow has asked me to provide a link to his fanzine site Satis. Sorry Phil, couldn't oblidge ;-))